Only that’s not what happened… Not at all.


This show has become our new obsession. Since we started dating, wayyyyy back in ’06, we have not successfully watched an entire show together… one of us always gets too excited, and sneakily watches it without waiting for the other person. Somehow, with this show we are able to wait and watch it together… It’s nice. It’s become our little ritual. It’s nice to have a date night in with my hubby every week, makes the week a bit more bearable. :)

In other news, don’t go running in the wind. It sucks. It made my nose run and my eyes water; it felt like I was running up a huge hill because of the wind resistance, and I had my hood up (to protect my ears) which caused my ponytail to flip around in front of my face. Not a cute look, let me tell you. 

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