I wish

That I could crochet in the bath tub.

I am not kidding.

Those are my two favorite ways to relax, and I WISH there was a way to combine them… Oh well.
I have some very exciting things up my sleeves at the moment, a couple of DIY posts coming up and a new business venture with a friend that I am beyond stoked about. But I’m not telling what it is just yet, soon though, promise. I have been so happy lately, even though I’ve been working SO much. I’ve been doing so much cooking, crafting, photography, sewing, thrifting and board game playing and it’s brought me back to my happy place. 

How do you relax/what brings you to your happy place? :)



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2 thoughts on “I wish

  1. nursekristen says:

    I want to know what this business venture is! I think you should come up with a way to combine your relaxation techniques…hmmm perhaps some sort of tray that you could crochet on when you’re soaking? I love to bake to relax. But then I can’t bake too often…unless people come over to eat it, which is what ends up happening! Oh well, I make friends :) Miss you sugar! Keep the posts coming!

  2. READING THESE POSTS!!! I don’t know how I still hadn’t subscribed to your el blogo. Love it! Happy that you’re back in your happy place – you deserve it! :)

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